Solar Power to Rule the World


I came across an interesting infographic the other day.  It detailed how much surface area it would take in order to power the world using solar power.  I am interested in this due to the fact that the first major paper that I wrote in college (50+ pages) was on solar power.  The paper was more on the technology, but I was still very interested in the other aspects.  What shocked me about this diagram was how my preconceptions were so wrong.  I had anticipated that the area required would be much bigger.  Much bigger.

Solar Power


~ by jvaudio on August 30, 2009.

One Response to “Solar Power to Rule the World”

  1. It’s still a pipe dream. It makes sense to put the solar panels in areas that get lots of solar coverage, such as Arizona, but that means that you have to send it off to the rest of the USA, which would be much too inefficient using current methods (ramping up to higher voltages only goes so far).

    Once you realize that you’d have to spread the solar panels out more due to this problem, you’d also have to use a lot more of them because most areas don’t get as much solar energy per square meter as Arizona. Therefore this graphic is unrealistic until something breakthrough like superconductors at room temperature are invented.

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