Health Insurance is a Scam!!!


Health-Insurance-Issue I have hated insurance since as far back as I can remember.  To me, it seemed like a legitimized mafia practice.  Pay me in case something bad happens.  Oh, and if something bad does happen, good luck getting us to do anything about it!  I hate insurance because it has changed the medical industry as well.  Medicine is now practiced based upon the bottom line rather than the care of patients.  Costs have skyrocketed because hospitals know that they can get the money from insurance companies rather than patients.  If you are a patient and you have a severe illness, you can’t expect to be treated unless you demonstrate the ability to pay.  Do you know what really hammers this idea home?  Should you get really sick, insurance companies will ACTIVELY seek to remove you so that they don’t have to pay out!  This practice is acknowledged by our government:

The Department of Health and Human Services put a spotlight on that practice Tuesday in its continuing campaign to build support for an overhaul of health insurance.

“When a person is diagnosed with an expensive condition such as cancer, some insurance companies review his/her initial health status questionnaire,” the HHS said in a posting at HealthReform.Gov. In most states, insurance companies can retroactively cancel individuals’ policies if any condition was not disclosed when the policy was obtained, "even if the medical condition is unrelated, and even if the person was not aware of the condition at the time.”

“Coverage can also be revoked for all members of a family, even if only one family member failed to disclose a medical condition,” HHS said.

The department cited recent research by the staff of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, which found that three large insurers rescinded almost 20,000 policies over five years, saving $300 million in medical claims.

“Simply put, these insurance company employees are encouraged to revoke sick people’s health coverage," HHS said.

Washington Post

Do you want to know the lengths to which they will go? I will offer you two examples, one which would seem obvious given what these corrupt assholes are doing, and the other that should terrify any clear-thinking person.

WellPoint and Assurant told the committee that they automatically investigate the medical records of every policyholder with certain conditions, including leukemia, ovarian cancer, brain cancer, and becoming pregnant with twins, the committee staff wrote.

In November 2006, after a Texas resident was found to have a lump in her breast, Wellpoint investigated her medical history and concluded that she had been diagnosed previously with osteoporosis. The insurer rescinded her policy and refused to pay for treatment of the lump, the committee staff wrote.

Under the current system, something as relatively simple as seasonal sneezing can jeopardize your financial security, HHS argues, citing a 2001 study for the Kaiser Family Foundation.

“Even when offering coverage, insurers can exclude whole categories of illnesses related to a preexisting condition. For example, someone with a preexisting condition of hay fever could have any respiratory system disease – such as bronchitis or pneumonia – excluded from coverage,” HHS said.

Washington Post

In a truly disgusting practice, it was revealed that Blue Cross REWARDS their employees for dropping policy holders who become ill with anything serious:

But documents obtained by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and released today show that the company’s employee performance evaluation program did include a review of rescission activity.

The documents show, for instance, that one Blue Cross employee earned a perfect score of "5" for "exceptional performance" on an evaluation that noted the employee’s role in dropping thousands of policyholders and avoiding nearly $10 million worth of medical care.

WellPoint’s Blue Cross of California subsidiary and two other insurers saved more than $300 million in medical claims by canceling more than 20,000 sick policyholders over a five-year period, the House committee said.

LA Times

What is the bottom line on all this?  The bottom line is that it is all about the bottom line for insurance companies.  They will gladly take your premiums, but when it comes time to honor their obligations, they will find a way out of them.  It is a truly disgusting practice, but I believe it to be systematic of how things in our country operate in our modern age.  It becomes increasingly difficult to believe that the rich and powerful don’t run this country in a manner that only fosters their own interests.  I firmly believe that the average citizen has no say in our government anymore. 


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