You Gotta Learn to Hit the Curve


Curveball I’ve learned a few life lessons in my time, but perhaps the most useful one, the one that I would pass on to my kids, is that life will always throw you a curveball.

If you reflect back upon life, you realize that its a series of stages; some long, some short.  Analogous to an at-bat in baseball, it is certain that during each one, life will throw you a curve ball.  An unexpected event of varying levels of severity, curveballs are a part of life.  Things may be going well, or they may be going poorly, but rest assured that as soon as you adapt and adjust to your current life situation, here comes that curve ball.

Just like in baseball, not many people can hit the curve.  It strikes out a lot of batters.  It works on the field the same way that it works in life:  it gets you because it catches you off-guard.  The best that many can hope for is to foul it off.  Oftentimes, that is enough.  If you can keep fouling it off, eventually you will get that fastball out over the plate.


~ by jvaudio on May 7, 2009.

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