Reboot the World pt. 1


Horizon I have been thinking a lot about this lately.  This is part one of a two part post.  This part will focus on what we can, and should do as citizen’s of earth (in honor of Earth Day) in order to start over and make the most of the resources made available to us.  The other will tackle my personal life and what has been going on in that department. 

The earth is a marvelous place.  It truly is when you think about it.  Imagine the variety of life that we have.  Consider how truly unique our planet is.  We are aware of thousands of planets, yet we have not discovered one like our planet in all our searching.  This planet is one of systems, and these systems are wondrous in their variety and function.  In fact, the functions that bring everything and everyone around you, are a result of these systems.

There is a problem however.  Arguably the greatest thing to come about from this planet, human beings, are destroying it.  We are destroying it at a rapidly increasing rate, much like the behavior of a parasite.  In fact, our behavior mimics that of a parasite to such a degree that if you could factor out consciousness and an aversion to reclassification of the species, we could easily be considered parasites.  *Tell me again how awesome The Matrix was*  Rather than go into a diatribe against humanity (I am a fan), I will defer that for another time.  The fact remains that we are affecting our planet.  How so?

Population growth is an important factor that really needs to be addressed.  We here bits and pieces here and there, but this issue has not received the attention it deserves.  Aside from the impact that it has upon us as people, it has a tremendous impact on our planet.  People strip the earth of its natural resources in order to fulfill our needs for energy, housing, and personal gain.  We have, and continue to deplete our forests at a tremendous rate.  This is important because those trees played a vital role in the overall life support system of our planet.  Naturally, it follows that as more people come to inhabit this finite living space, this problem only gets worse.

I think that the next most important factor is our attitudes.  We seem content to continue with our behaviors until our back is against the wall before we change them.  This is a flaw in how we function as people, and rather telling about human nature in the modern world.  This sort of behavior cannot continue.  It is not self-sustaining and it affects more than just us.  It really bothers me that we consider ourselves as somehow superior to the other forms of life on this planet.  We may be more complex, but that doesn’t necessitate us imposing our will on the other inhabitants of this planet.

We have many dedicated individuals who are working hard and doing all they can in order to remedy the situation.  The problem is that they are fighting a near impossible battle.  Their task is to use technology and creative problem solving to mitigate the impact of billions of people and businesses that are either apathetic at best, or malevolent at worst.  Is it possible?  I think that it can be done as the capabilities of human ingenuity are truly remarkable, but I honestly don’t think that it will happen.  To clarify, I think that inevitably, we will destroy our planet.  I hope that I am wrong.

One thing that we have working in our favor is that the earth is also tremendously capable in its ability to heal itself.  If you look at the natural processes that our planet possesses, you may begin to think that our planet has a chance.  Consider the mechanism for creating the air that we breath.  Plant life is able to filter out many of the pollutants that we put into our atmosphere and convert them to the clean air that we breath.  It is truly remarkable and there are many example like it.  It gives me hope that life on this planet can continue to thrive.


~ by jvaudio on April 24, 2009.

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