Creepy as Hell

achildrobotw I am all for robotics, and I find them incredibly fascinating.  The recent news of the robot that was able to learn, had me feeling rather giddy.  If future robots look like this however, then I will be the first one to rise up and wage war against them!  I don’t think that I would be able to sleep…ever…if robots looked like this!

Whenever I think of robots, I think of them from The Matrix mythos.  Not the “movies” per se, but from The Animatrix.  I honestly believe that the future as depicted in that collection of sorts, is feasible.  We do design robots to perform functions for us that we deem too mundane, dangerous, etc.  And we do design them in humanoid form.  I believe we do it for a couple of possible reasons.  I think we do it because we have a solid understanding of how the human body operates, and we can thus easily determine how to get the robot to do a given function.  I also believe that we do it in some small part due to vanity.  Perhaps we fancy ourselves some form of “creator” and in some ways attempt to mimic the work of *insert religion here* God. 


~ by jvaudio on April 6, 2009.

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